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My fellow Lions,

With Pottermore now being accessible to the public, Gryff Names is getting a flood of new nickname requests. As much as I hate to repeat myself, apparently this needs to be reiterated...

I do not care how long you've been using a particular nickname or if you're a Beta, Gryff Names has a policy of First Come, First Served. No exceptions. If you are not the first to submit your desired nickname to us, then we don't list you as such. It's as simple as that.

Now, if you want to continue using that nickname regardless of who else may be using it, then so be it. There's really nothing we can do about that. However, we ask that you be as polite and respectful as we strive to be with you. There's no need for aggression.

A quick overview of the rules:
- no repeats
- 15 character limit
- one nickname per user
- no symbols
- capitalization is irrelevant
- nothing foul
- no unauthorized additions

And disclaimers:
- Gryff Names is run by fans and thus not directly affiliated with Pottermore. (Read: We have no control over how PM comments are moderated.)
- First come, first served.

Please refer to our Rules & FAQs page for more.

To Godric be the Glory!
4/30/2012 11:36:41 pm

When do you add our nickname on the list? How long does it take?

Fae Runewild, Head Keeper
5/1/2012 11:55:31 pm

It generally takes about a day or two, but it varies depending on the traffic flow of incoming submissions and the schedule of the Keepers. However, we're currently undergoing a reconstruction in the behind-the-scenes process to work out a couple bugs. Though we're still accepting submissions, additions have been temporarily put on hold. I hope to start things back up again in the next few days, but we thank you for your patience in the meantime.

5/4/2012 12:42:08 am

Okay, that's good to know. I have been waiting and wondering the same thing because I put in my request almost a week ago (I don't know the exact amount of days).


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