Gryff Names - The Who is Who of Pottermore
Hey Lions!

Just wanted to announce a couple new additions. We now have a Dishonorable Mention list for name-thieves and a FAQs page.

Also, allow me to make brief introductions of the current Keepers of Gryff Names:

- Charms (aka SunBat151) who didn't know what she was getting into when she agreed to help maintain The List. Muahahaha!
- Bolt (aka StoneFirebolt200) who had a much better idea of what was going on, yet decided to jump on board anyway.
- Red (aka MistRune11) who inspired some of the latest changes.
- Crookshanks (aka VineHallow211) who started it all.
- Fae Runewild (aka RuneWild145) who takes her sweet ass time getting things together.

To Godric be the Glory!
Ginnyajd bladeleviosa152
11/1/2011 02:16:58 pm

who is always there when in need, and very helpful. and there is another trying to take my name and it is posted on my face book page,

Ginny aka Bladeleviosa152
11/1/2011 02:19:12 pm

SnidgetHeart181 "I have been Ginny for ever, if not, lets share-Ginny"

this is one of them

11/3/2011 04:41:14 pm

this is so stupid!!!!!! It's like you've all got pureblood fever, except with nicknames instead of blood status. Seriously, you people, who coincidentally preach about what it means to be a Gryffindor, make me embarrassed to be one. disgusting.

1/27/2012 12:15:21 am

THX for info

1/27/2012 04:14:24 am

Nice article bro

3/24/2012 08:17:50 am

THX for info

7/12/2012 07:30:16 pm

THX for info


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