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Hey Lions!

I'd like to thank my fellow Keepers for running the place while I was away these past few days. I had such an eventful weekend, between vampire hunting and my muggle half sister having her fourth child, that I didn't have the time or means to check in on things here, never mind make updates. It was good to know the Keepers had things covered, so I didn't have to worry about anyone getting frustrated from a lack of response.

However, I did notice one suggestion that came in while I was away, and the contents of which I have heard from others. Generally, it went like this:

I think you should put the nicknames in alphabetical order rather than the usernames. That way it is easier to see if your nickname has been taken instead of going through the whole list.

When I made the transfer to Gryff Names, I knew from the beginning that I wanted the list to be alphabetical by usernames. Now, my fellow Gryffindor makes a very good point, and I certainly took that into consideration when initially constructing Gryff Names, but I decided that it was not my priority. There were a couple factors that decided this, but what it came down to is organization. Rather than moving the line of associated information up or down The List every time a Gryffindor requests another nickname, we list by username. It's easier to maintain! You may call that lazy, but I call it practical. It's easy enough to make mistakes in the HTML coding without making it more complicated for the Keepers.

We've included directions for the easiest method of finding a nickname on the top and bottom of the page so you don't have to look through the entire list. However, if you're not up for that, we're glad to tell you if a name has already been claimed when you submit a request. Also, I will not be adding a second list because that would be twice the work to maintain. One list only, please!

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