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Hey Lions!

I want to thank everyone (especially Charms) who took the time and consideration to discuss this with me. Who knew there would be so many differing opinions on numbers?! However, we have reached a decision. Numbers will be allowed in nicknames, but with the understanding that you will use them.

Here's a quote from the updated FAQs page:
We expect way too many people to be joining Pottermore in the future to avoid repeats, and so you're expected to honor The List's system by always making use of those numbers. How else would we differentiate between Henry and Henry VIII? That being said, I must stipulate that numbers such as "6" and its Roman numeral counterpart "VI" will be considered one and the same.

Accepted: Person A = Henry VIII aka Henry the 8th or Henry8

Not accepted: Person A = Henry VIII, Person B = Henry the 8th, Person C = Henry8

Again, thanks for all the input, lions. You were a lot of help.

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