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Hey Lions!

Apparently there's a website that lists the contact information I had mentioned in my previous post: Order of the Lion Contacts! Damn, I was too slow! While I would prefer to have it all in one location, I don't want to step on anyone's toes. So I'm currently contemplating the future of this site. Still taking names, of course, but what else can we offer?

What are you looking for in a Pottermore-related site? What would you like to see here?

On a side note, I'm really curious about Wizarding Fashion. Not just the recreations of articles from the films, as impressive as they tend to be, but Designers that are going that step further to create a Look. If anyone is designing a collection for the modern day witch and wizard, I'd like to know about it. When I think of the Wizarding World, I usually default to Wacca (Warning: A few pictures in the gallery are NSFW), and that's something I want to see incorporated into Potter fandom.

To Godric be the Glory!

Hey! I just tried to click on the link for the alternative Gryffs list and it says the page doesn't exist. Before you go getting rid of this page, I'd double check that one first. I think this is a great idea, and I'd hate for you to stop because you think someone else is doing it and they've stopped.



I was worried that I may have made a mistake with the link, but the page really isn't there. How odd. I wonder when that happened. Anyway, no worries, Lumo! We're not going anywhere! All that remains to be decided is what more we can do for you. :)

Thanks for your support,

Fae Runewild
Head Keeper of Gryff Names


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