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Hey Lions,

As the Head Keeper of Gryff Names, I read all of the messages that are sent in through our contact forms, whether that be your submissions, comments, or what have you. For every message that leaves an email address, one of the Keepers or myself will reply, depending on who gets to it first. (Usually myself since I try to check the emails every day.) Most importantly, I take all suggestions into consideration in the hopes of building a better site.

(I did consider using a picture of butterbeer to replace the mug currently gracing Gryff Names, Fred Weasley, but none of the pictures I found inspired me. Feel free to send anything in that you like.)

That being said, I do not appreciate the nastiness some have used to get their message across. I apologize if I've ever given the impression that I'm not open to discuss your concerns, but you could have at least tried before resorting to unnecessary name-calling. The aggression that has been turned toward Crookshanks I find especially baffling. If you're unsatisfied with the way Gryff Names is run, then you should be directing your ire toward me. She may have started the Nickname List, but it has been in my hands (with the help of my fellow Keepers) as of October 3rd. Every page on this site has been added with my permission if not by my hands.

Due to complaints, the future of the Dishonorable Mention page is currently under discussion amongst the Keepers, though you may feel free to Contact Us to submit your input. In the meantime, the page will remain but the names listed will be removed until further notice. I'll make an announcement here in the Den when the final decision has been made.

Thank you for your patience.

To Godric be the Glory!
P.S. Fair Warning: Any comments that contain cussing will be removed from the Den. If you want to swear, send it through Contact Us for me to read. I'm trying to keep what's open to the public PG rated. Thanks.
11/4/2011 03:01:56 am

I for one appreciate this site and all you have done. There are always people that you can't please no matter what you do. Sorry the chat didn't work out. Best Regards and To Godric be the Glory! Nancy

11/4/2011 04:40:21 am

I think you should respect people's privacy. Period. This means NOT publishing their usernames on a website over a nickname dispute. If you can't share or settle the dispute without publishing a list for the entire internet to see, you're all very immature and spiteful indeed.

It doesn't make any sense that this much drama should be caused over some words on a screen. There will be millions of users on Pottermore soon enough (if it ever OPENS, that is) and by then, this will be entirely pointless and impossible to enforce.

There are thousands of people who want to be nicknamed as canonical characters and characters from other stories. Not to mention there are people with their own circles of real life friends who don't want to participate in the larger communities and don't CARE if certain nicknames have already been claimed.

You DON'T have the right to boss them around and you DON'T have the right to publish their usernames, without permission, saying they've been disagreeable. They have NO obligation to be nice to you, or stop using nicknames that have may have special and personal meaning to them just because someone here "had it first." (No, they didn't. The character had it first. So there.)

If you'd address it less like spoiled, entitled children you'd probably be met with more acceptable responses. How about "Can we find a way to distinguish between the two of us for the meantime?" instead of "STOP USING MY NICKNAAAAAAAAAAAME. IT'S MINE. I CLAIMED IT." I know which sounds better to me, but it's really your choice.

11/4/2011 04:51:29 am

Thank you for your continued support, SpiritSparks.

And thank you for your comment, AnonGryff. I'll be sure to get back to you with a more thought out response later, but I would like to say that you bring up an especially interesting point in re people's privacy.

11/4/2011 09:11:54 am

I think the list is a good idea. It will help alot when pottermore opens to the public and the same nickname is used by more than one person. This list would help resolve issues where people are accused of being 'nickname stealers' and creating un needed tension. I have witnessed the fights/arguments that occur when people perposely steal anothers name and it is unexceptable.
Pottermore is a place for Harry Potter fans everywhere to come together and have fun. It is NOT a place for trolling and nastiness. The agression towards Crookshanks is extremely unnecessary and I am shocked by it. I hope the list will help resolve these issues. To Godric be the glory!

11/4/2011 01:12:34 pm

Dear AnonGryff,

You're right about the privacy issue. I feel like a frogging idiot for not even having given that a moment's consideration. The way we had things set up here only promotes further abuse, and for that I am sorry.

Also, I'll see what I can do about tweaking the wording of Gryff Names to encourage more creativity when choosing a nickname. Asking submitters to include alternative names has helped, but not quite enough. Of course, I won't fool myself by thinking that people will stop trying to submit the names of characters for whom they feel some attachment, but I'll do what I can to mitigate future nickname-related mishaps.

However, we are keeping the "No Repeats" rule for mainly two reasons: 1) Bolt informed me that Pottermore doesn't allow two or more of your friends to share a nickname in your Friends section. 2) We ARE trying to build a community outside of Pottermore, and different nicknames will helps us recognize one another without sacrificing our chosen identities. (I don't know about the rest of you, but if it weren't for "Fae Runewild" then I would feel no connection with the name RuneWild145.)

Again, thank you for taking the time to comment.

Fae Runewild
11/4/2011 01:18:29 pm

Thanks for the comment, Luna L! I hope we can help resolve nickname related issues as well. If not with the Dishonorable Mention page, then at least with our Name/Contact list. Hopefully people wanting to be a part of it will make the necessary compromises to accommodate a growing group.

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