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Welcome to The Lions' Den (aka the admins' blog)! Day 2 of Gryff Names and I'm pleased to say that we've made a great deal progress. I've successfully transferred all the names collected from "Gryffindor nicknames and tips" on Facebook, and even found the time to start tweaking the layout. It's still a work in progress, so any submissions for graphics (head banner and link badges, please) would be greatly appreciated.

Since we're at the beginning of this endeavor of maintaining a Gryffindor list, I'd like to take this moment to propose that we take it a step further. Let's add online contact information! Not email addresses, but social networking links, like Twitter, LiveJournal, and Facebook. How would we feel about that? I had been contemplating this before I started Gryff Names, but I wanted to get a feel of how The List would work before I tackled on anymore. Now I think we can do it!

Of course, all information is voluntary. In fact, I'm going to have to ask that no one send in someone else's information without their permission. And please remember that everything posted here is public, so be mindful about what information you share.

I'm hoping to get the Links page set up soon. Please send us any links you feel would be appropriate. I'd like to see what our fellow Gryffindors are up to, but I'd also like to link the lists of other Houses, if they have any.

To Godric be the Glory!
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