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Hey there Lions!

I have some changes to announce:

First order of business, the Dishonorable Mention (DM) list has been removed. I announced here in the Den that this action would be taken into consideration by the Keepers and asked that anyone who wished to add anything to the conversation to submit whatever was on their mind. After giving it some time so that everyone had a chance to speak their piece, I read each message and concluded that removing the list would be in the best interest of the general public. As for the arguments to keep DM, I understand it's frustrating to have someone else use the same name when you've already established a recognizeable persona. However, I'm afraid that the opposing side not only held the majority but (more importantly) made some very valid points; namely that listing names of non-participants was an invasion of privacy and that DM promoted abuse rather than solving anything.

As I've always said, there's no way for Gryff Names to enforce our No Repeats rule on everyone. While we appreciate our fellow Gryffindors getting the word out there for those that wish to join our community, that doesn't mean everyone will follow suit. Our No Repeats rule will still stand, but all that means is that the duplicates will not be listed here. We can only encourage you to be creative when choosing a nickname.

Second order of business, we're changing the procedure for name submissions. If you're already on the list, then you don't need to concern yourself for you've been grandfathered in. However, new submissions and name changes will have to prove that they are who they claim to be. Instructions, which will be added shortly.

If you have any other concerns regarding Gryff Names, please contact us.

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